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Vieville Building Movers Inc is a family-owned and -operated business offering reliable house lifting services in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. For over 75 years, we’ve performed many house lifting, raising, and levelling projects in Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario. Get to learn more about our services in detail below:


At Vieville Building Movers Inc, we understand how difficult it is to have a low ceiling basement or crawl space in a building. Whether you’re looking to build or repair your basements, we can handle any project with ease. Our professionals have the required equipment to lift the building to just above the new desired height. We also have the expertise to lift your existing building for new foundations.



House raising is the process of extending the existing building, which requires precision details and close attention to details. There are various reasons people choose to raise their homes. Some of the most common reasons that you choose for house raising are to create a new floor for rental, to accommodate your family, or to increase the height of your basement ceiling. Raising your home will add more space to your existing buildings and keep your current outdoor space intact.



In addition to house raising, we also provide house levelling services to ensure the complete safety of your home and cottage. The foundation of your property requires some extra care, as it becomes weak due to many factors such as soil erosion and other reasons. You can count on us to help you in levelling your home or cottage. 

At Vieville Building Movers Inc, we understand that it’s difficult to move on when you like your existing home and your neighbourhood. Our experts can help you create an amazing living space that suits your lifestyle. We can also recommend one of the best excavation companies to help you renovate your home. Contact us today to learn more.


Raising and Levelling Your Home

We have the required expertise to perform house lifting, levelling, and raising services in Winnipeg and surrounding areas.

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