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At Vieville Building Movers Inc, we’ve received many questions from our clients about building relocation and you may find someone else has the same questions as you. It’s not something you see every day, but it is needed. We’ve addressed some of the most frequently asked questions. We suggest you keep this page bookmarked so that you can use it for your future reference. If you don’t see your questions answered, please give us a call.

  • Q: What type of insurance do you carry?
    We are licensed and bonded, and our employees are covered by the WCB. We are insured up to $5 million and carry cargo and liability insurance as well.
  • Q: Is it possible to raise a house with a fireplace and a chimney?
    Due to current regulations, we recommend that fireplaces and chimneys be removed before a house can be relocated. The interior part of the fireplace can sometimes remain in position, depending on the structure.
  • Q: Do you build the foundations?
    A: No, we can recommend contractors for building your foundations.
  • Q: Can you dig up a basement once a house is on blocks?
    A: Once a house is raised, the excavation for the new basement can be done.
  • Q: Can we live in a house when it is raised?
    A: No, because you won’t have HYDRO/electricity supply.
  • Q: How does weather affect moving a house?
    Weather conditions do not affect the moving of a house or structure unless there is excavation involved.
  • Q: Can additions and porches be raised?
  • Q: Is the client responsible for removing the fireplace and stairs?
    A: Yes, the client is responsible, you will need to get in touch with a contractor and have these building preparations done before we start the moving process.
  • Q: Will the landscaping be damaged?
    A: Yes, most of the time this happens during the excavation process.
  • Q: Is it recommended that we should hire a contractor with house raising experience?
    A: Yes, it is recommended due to safety concerns and proper insurance.
  • Q: Are there any restrictions on the size of the house being moved?
    A: Due to city and province guidelines, there are some restrictions on sizes and heights.
  • Q: Once the move is completed, how do you get your equipment out?
    A: We will have to make some pockets in the walls for equipment removal.
  • Q: Do you need blueprints of our house before starting?
    Blueprints or houseplans help in determining an estimate. The local building authority will usually supply these.
  • Q: Do you need a permit?
    A: A building permit is required for the building to be placed in its new location. It’s mandatory to have one before starting.
  • Q: How much does it cost to raise a home?
    This depends on several factors, and Vieville Building Movers Inc. is happy to provide an estimate.
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